Albanian Daily News - Nov 05

UN Police Ask Shopkeepers to Crack Down on Firecrackers

Albanian Economic Tribune

PRISHTINA - UN police asked shopkeepers Wednesday not to sell firecrackers to children after peace-keepers and citizens alike have had their nerves worn down by the constant throwing of bangers in the streets.

As the province struggles to recover from the March-June war, locals have been constantly complaining about the scourge of firecrackers while police relaxing in cafes can been seen reaching for their sidearms at louder explosions.

The United Nations police also said in a statement that "young kids have been injured and lost fingers while playing with these dangerous firecrackers," while beat officers say they often waste time investigating explosions that turn out to be just bangers.

Serbs living in communities surrounded by ethnic Albanians have complained that the crackers have been thrown at them in a bid to intimidate them and encourage them to leave. (AFP)

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