Albanian Daily News - Nov 05

UN Pours Millions of Dollars into Kosovo

Albanian Economic Tribune
ROME - The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has sent seeds and fertilizers worth 6.7 million dollars to farmers in the Serbian province of Kosovo, the agency announced on Thursday.

"For farmers and their families, the distribution of fertilizers and seeds is a first step on the path to self-sufficiency," a communique said.

The aid programme, destined for more than 70,000 families, provided about 14,500 tonnes of winter wheat and 9,000 tonnes of fertilizers.

Kosovo farmers are suffering most from the lack of housing and access to their fields after houses were destroyed and land-mines laid during the conflict earlier this year, the FAO said.

The agency expects next year’s harvest to fall 15 percent short of what it could have been under ordinary circumstances.

A future aid programme is to include vaccination of cattle and repairs to farming equipment after more than half of farmers’ tractors were stolen or destroyed during the fighting, as well as renovations.

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