Albanian Daily News - Nov 15

Canadian Forces Out of Kosovo by Springr

Albanian Economic Tribune
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Jean Chretien ordered most of the 1,450 Canadian armed forces to leave Kosovo by the spring, according to the Ottawa Citizen, citing a letter to Defense Minister Art Eggleton.

All but 100 Canadian troops will leave Kosovo. Chretien said Canada should instead focus its military contributions to the former Yugoslavia on Bosnia because of rising costs and a lack of troops to handle overseas missions. The number of Canadian troops in the Balkans will be reduced to 1,800 from the current 2,800.

"It is clear that we cannot sustain the present level of Canadian Forces involvement in both Kosovo and Bosnia beyond next summer," Chretien wrote.

"The costs involved and the lack of capability to respond to new peace and security challenges requires us to reduce and consolidate our contribution to NATO operations in the Balkans."

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