Albanian Daily News - Nov 30

Belgrade Insists on Return of Its Soldiers to Kosovo

Albanian Economic Tribune

BELGRADE - Belgrade insists on a return of troops to the UN-administrated Kosovo province and its borders with Albania and Macedonia, Yugoslav Foreign Minister Zivadin Jovanovic said on Sunday.

"Yugoslavia, at this moment, especially insists on fulfilling an obligation of returning a part of our army and police to Kosovo and the border with Albania and Macedonia," the minister said, quoted by Tanjug state news-agency. Jovanovic accused international officials of preventing the deployment, "showing they are on the side of (ethnic Albanian) terrorists and separatists, for the creation of a greater Albania and changing the borders in the Balkans.

"Therefore, they are not only in a conflict with Yugoslavia, but also with a majority of UN members, since most of the world demands full respect of the UN resolution," Jovanovic said.

The return of Yugoslav troops to border-points and other designated locations is stipulated in UN Security Council Resolution 1244, which defines the terms under which the conflict in Kosovo is to be resolved.

Jovanovic warned that Belgrade "does not demand more than what was accepted" by the UN resolution, but "we do not accept anything less than agreed either."

Serb opposition leader Vuk Draskovic said on Friday, in Moscow, that Kosovo has become a part of Albania. "There is practically no frontier between Kosovo and Albania now," Russian news-agencies quoted him saying.

Yugoslav President Milosevic said on Friday, during a ceremony handing out decorations to senior army officers that Yugoslavia would "fight against the Nazism which the NATO countries are trying to introduce in Kosovo in co-operation with ethnic Albanian terrorists."

"We will fight for a Kosovo in which peoples and individuals would enjoy equality," Milosevic said, at the ceremony broadcasted by the RTS state television. "I am certain that the civilizational values for which we are fighting will win over the dictate of force and darkness."

The decorations were presented to army officers and other individuals for their part in the Kosovo conflict.

"The war that we waged was the most uneven war ever," Milosevic said. "This war was so uneven that the enemy did not even take into account the possibility that we could defend ourselves. We defended ourselves through the unity of our heroic people, with the ability, courage, persistence, and great efforts of our army and police that you were in charge of," he said at the ceremony.

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