Albanian Daily News - Dec 16

Kosovo Serb accuses UN of 'selling out' to Thaci

Albanian Economic Tribune

PRISHTINA - A senior Kosovo Serb official on Wednesday accused the United Nations administrator in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner, of "completely handing over power" to Kosovo Albanian leader Hashim Thaci, the independent Belgrade-based Radio B2-92 reported.

The chairman of the Serbian provisional executive council of Kosovo, Zoran Andjelkovic, made his comment after a power-sharing accord was signed by Kouchner and leaders of the three main ethnic-Albanian parties in the province.

A place on the new interim administrative body has been reserved for an ethnic Serb representative, but no one from the Serb community attended Wednesday’s signing ceremony in Prishtina.

In an interview with the Belgrade daily Blic, Andjelkovic accused Kouchner of conducting a policy which was bringing about the exodus of the Serb population of Kosovo.

"This is a continuation of Kouchner’s policy whose consequence is the exodus of Serbs and the expulsion of more than 350,000 non-Albanians residents (from Kosovo)," he said, according to the radio.

"This is a continuation of his close cooperation with the leader of the so-called KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) which is unacceptable," he added. (

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