Albanian Daily News - UN chief slams YU criticism of Kouchner

Albanian Economic Tribune
Dec 27, 1999

UNITED NATIONS - The UN administrator for Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner, is the victim of a campaign of character assassination orchestrated by Belgrade, UN chief Kofi Annan said.

"The Secretary-General views these allegations as a malicious and transparent attempt at character assassination which has no basis and deserve no attention," Annan said in a statement released by UN spokesman Fred Eckhard said on Thursday.

Annan "reaffirms his total confidence in Dr. Kouchner and commends the extraordinary efforts he has undertaken to create a just and civil society in Kosovo under difficult and demanding conditions."

Kouchner has been in charge of the United Nations’ civil administration of the war-torn since July 2, with the goal of helping to establish democratically elected institutions.

A Yugoslav-controlled court covering Kosovo on Wednesday called for a genocide inquiry against Kouchner, and news media in Yugoslavia have accused him of wanting to steer Kosovo toward independence.

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