BBC - UN Kosovo envoy under fire

Thursday, 23 December, 1999, 00:46 GMT

The Yugoslav authorities have stepped up their campaign against the United Nations administrator in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner.

Serbia's minister for energy Slobodan Tomovic said Mr Kouchner should be tried for condoning crimes allegedly committed by ethnic Albanians against the Serb minority.

An army general Nebojsa Pavkovic, of the third army that was driven out of Kosovo earlier this year said Mr Kouchner was a Serb-hater, who pursued policies in favour of ethnic Albanians who want to break away from Yugoslavia.

Meanwhile, a Yugoslav court has opened an inquiry into Mr Kouchner's role in alleged genocide against the Serbs in Kosovo.

Prosecutors said an international arrest warrant could be issued if Mr Kouchner failed to appear before the court.

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