CEOL - EU Says Attacks On Kosovo Minorities Threaten Aid

HELSINKI, Nov 5, 1999 -- (Reuters) The European Union may reconsider its funding for reconstruction work in Kosovo because of attacks against its Serb minority, current EU president Finland said on Thursday.

Finland's Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Europe's strong military, political and economic commitment in the province was based on a democratic and multi-ethnic Kosovo.

"The European Union and its member states are making a substantial investment in terms of people and money in the reconstruction of Kosovo," the ministry said.

"Continuing ethnic violence can only complicate the European Union's efforts to help rebuild a stable society in Kosovo," it said.

The statement condemned ethnic Albanians' attack on a convoy of Serbs in Pec last week as well as a shooting on October 31 that wounded Momcilo Trajkovic, a leading Kosovo Serb politician.

"All Kosovars - irrespective of their ethnic origin - must be able to stay in and return to Kosovo, and live there in peace without harassment or intimidation of any kind," it said.