CEOL - UN Warns Slavic Staff To Be On Guard In Kosovo

PRISTINA, Serbia, Nov 6, 1999 -- (Agence France Presse) The United Nations has warned its Slavic staff to be on guard against possible attack in Kosovo amid an increasing climate of hostility, in an internal note received by AFP.

"Credible evidence of an increased threat against UN international personnel of Slavic nationality over the next several days has been received," said the note issued Friday and signed by Jock Covey, deputy UN civil administrator in Kosovo.

"Limit your travel to essential travel only, travel in pairs, stay out of public venues unless essential to your work functions," the note, marked "urgent", warned the UN's Slavic staff, which includes several Russians and Czechs.

The note urged them to report "all incidents, no matter how significant."

Last month a Bulgarian UN worker was shot dead in one of Pristina's main streets after being asked the time in Serbian and apparently responding in the same language.

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