CEOL - Serb Killed In Kosovo Mortar Attack

PRISTINA, Nov 8, 1999 -- (Reuters) A Serb man was killed in a mortar attack on a Kosovo village and troops from the NATO-led KFOR peacekeeping force arrested four Albanians in connection with the incident, a spokesman said on Monday.

Nine mortar shells were fired on the village of Pasanje in southeastern Kosovo on Sunday evening, KFOR spokesman Major Ole Irgens told a news briefing in Pristina.

"KFOR troops reacted very rapidly, and within 10 minutes a ring of checkpoints was set up around the firing point, which was located in the village of Vlastica," he said.

"A total of four Albanian men were arrested after the attack, and an investigation will continue today."

The attack appeared to be the latest in the catalogue of ethnically motivated violence which has plagued the Serbian province since KFOR and the United Nations arrived in mid-June.

But KFOR sources, while declining to reveal operational details, said the force now had an increased capability to respond to mortar attacks. Such attacks have been a particular problem in eastern Kosovo, in the province's U.S. sector.

Noting the quick reaction time of the troops who followed up Sunday's incident, NATO officials said they hoped it would serve as a warning to other people.

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