CEOL - Miss Bosnia Disqualified Over Nude Photos

SARAJEVO, Nov 10, 1999 -- (Reuters) Alisa Sisic, elected Miss Bosnia last month to represent the country at this year's world beauty pageant in London, was disqualified on Tuesday by local contest organizers after her nude photos appeared in a Sarajevo daily.

The local organizers, whom Miss World promoters Eric and Julia Morley left to decide on the fate of Sisic after the Dnevni Avaz newspaper published the photographs last week, said they wanted to protect the integrity of the competition.

"Alisa Sisic, Miss Bosnia for 1999, is disqualified in accordance with the rules for the Miss World contest and will not represent Bosnia-Herzegovina at the final competition in London," said the owner of the Miss World franchise in Bosnia.

"Miss Bosnia for 1999 will be second placed Samra Begovic," Zravko Zubak told a news conference, adding that Begovic will take part in a December 4 event in London.

Sisic, a 20-year-old nurse form the town of Zenica, would also lose the winner's prize - 2,000 Bosnian marka ($1,064) and a Skoda Felicia car.

She said she had never given permission for photographs, taken last year, to be published but the photographer Edin Karahusic and the newspaper Dnevni Avaz insisted they were free to do so.

Zubak said he had fully supported Sisic but had no other option but to disqualify her. He has also pledged to help her in a legal action against the newspaper.

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