CEOL - Nato SG Praises Hungary

BUDAPEST, Nov 15, 1999 -- (RFE/RL) NATO Secretary-General George Robertson said in Budapest on November 11 that Hungary is "a new ally, but a good one," MTI reported. Robertson made his comments after meeting separately with Prime Minister Viktor Orban and President Arpad Goncz.

Robertson praised the country's reorganization of its military, which he said was an example for other countries. He described the air campaign against Yugoslavia as a "tough test" for Budapest and praised the conduct of Hungarian officials during the conflict.

Orban said the goal of the military's reform is to significantly increase the country's defense capabilities. Goncz asked Robertson to take into account "the load capacity of Hungarian society."

Robertson met with Defense Minister Janos Szabo and members of the parliamentary foreign affairs and defense committees before proceeding to Prague.

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