CEOL - EU To Start Supplying Fuel To Some Serbian Towns

BRUSSELS, Nov 24, 1999 -- (Reuters) The European Union will start delivering heating fuel on Wednesday to Serbian towns controlled by opposition forces to try to increase Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's isolation.

An EU spokesman said a convoy of 15 trucks would set out from Macedonia with 350 tons of heating fuel intended for the southern towns of Nis and Pirot under its Energy for Democracy program.

The EU has an oil embargo in force against Yugoslavia. But it hopes its new program will help ordinary people and democratic forces, but not Milosevic, cope with problems following the devastation caused by NATO bombing raids earlier this year.

"If it is successful, the pilot project could be extended to other cities," the spokesman said, but gave no details.

An EU representative based in the Macedonian capital of Skopje will accompany the convoy, which will be met at the Yugoslav border by the mayors of Nis and Pirot.

A government official in Belgrade last week described the deliveries as discriminatory but said the government would not disrupt them.

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