CEOL - Jackson Says Peacekeepers Will Stay In Kosovo Years

AMSTERDAM, Nov 27, 1999 -- (Reuters) British Lieutenant-General Sir Mike Jackson, former commander of peacekeeping troops in Kosovo, said on Friday international forces would probably stay there for years.

"There's no doubt that KFOR must remain in the foreseeable future... to ensure safety and make sure there's no outbreak of violence," Jackson told a meeting in the Hague.

Only a definite decision on the future political status of the Serbian province would make stability in the region possible, he said.

"The lessons of Bosnia, when resolution after resolution was passed without funding to implement them, have not been taken to heart," Jackson said.

Separately, Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok told reporters on Friday the 1,900 Dutch troops in Kosovo would not be replaced at the end of their service there in June. A Dutch peacekeeping presence would continue in Bosnia, he said.

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