CEOL - Nato, UN To Discuss Kosovo Ethnic Violence

BRUSSELS, Dec 7, 1999 -- (Reuters) NATO Secretary-General George Robertson will meet U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan in New York later on Monday to discuss ethnic violence in Kosovo.

Robertson said reports published by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) provided convincing evidence of a pre-planned and systematic Serb campaign of persecution against ethnic Albanians.

OSCE, Europe's main security and rights forum, had painted a detailed picture of a cycle of ethnic violence that did not end with the withdrawal of Yugoslav troops from the province after NATO's 11-week bombing campaign against Yugoslavia.

Human rights abuses carried out by Serbian forces on ethnic Albanians were followed by revenge attacks against remaining Serbs after Belgrade withdrew its troops in June, the OSCE said.

"I remain preoccupied by the individual acts of hatred and vengeance in Kosovo today," Robertson said in a brief statement.

He said the United Nations and NATO were working closely together to reduce the level of violence and create a stable situation in the southern Yugoslav province.

"I will be discussing this cooperation and future arrangements when I meet ... Annan later today," Robertson said.

On Tuesday Robertson will hold talks with U.S. President Clinton, Secretary of Defence William Cohen and National Security Adviser Sandy Berger.

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