CEOL - One person killed, nine injured in Kosovo grenade attack

PRISTINA, Serbia, Dec 19, 1999 -- (AFP) One person was killed and nine others were injured in grenade attack on a bar in a Serbian enclave of the southwestern Kosovo town of Orahovac, international peacekeepers said Saturday.

One or more grenades were thrown into the crowded bar at around 8:15 p.m. Friday and a number of shots were fired, KFOR sources said. The identity and number of attackers was not known.

UN police and KFOR peacekeepers evacuated the wounded, two of whom were still in hospital Saturday.

An estimated 1,500 Serbs live in the enclave in Orahovac, most of whom say they are desperate to leave. Their departure has been delayed by screening for suspected war criminals, 11 of whom have been arrested by Dutch peacekeeping troops.

The area around the town was the scene of heavy fighting between ethnic Albanian guerrillas and Serbian forces before NATO pushed Belgrade's troops out of the Yugoslav province in June, and hundreds of homes were destroyed.

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