CEOL - YU Kosovo Court orders 'Genocide' inquiry into UN chief

BELGRADE, Dec 23, 1999 -- (AFP) A Yugoslav-controlled court covering Kosovo on Wednesday called for a "genocide" inquiry against the U.N. administrator for the province Bernard Kouchner, the official Tanjug news agency reported.

The court for Pristina, the Kosovo capital, is now based in Nis, a Serbian city 220 kilometers (135 miles) south of Belgrade. It was moved to Nis after the withdrawal of Serb forces from the province earlier this year.

The prosecutor called for Kouchner's arrest and added that if he did not appear before the court an international arrest warrant could be issued.

The Pristina prosecutor said in a statement that he had "requested the opening of an inquiry into Bernard Kouchner, who is suspected of having committed genocide in violation of article 141 of the Yugoslav penal code.

It said Kouchner was suspected of having "consciously violated U.N. resolution 1244 (on Kosovo) and having applied it contrary to its meaning."

"Instead of applying resolution 1244 and assuring the peace and safety of all citizens of Kosovo, Kouchner has not stopped the activities of the UCK terrorist organisation and not carried out its disarmament," the statement said.

Kouchner has recently faced virulent criticism from Serb leaders in Kosovo and the Serbian authorities over his handling of Kosovo.

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