CEOL - Ten wounded in bomb attack on Kosovo Serb cafe

PRISTINA, Serbia, Dec 28, 1999 -- (Reuters) Ten people were wounded, two of them seriously, in a bomb attack on a Serb-run cafe in Kosovo on Monday, the NATO-led KFOR peacekeeping force said.

A KFOR spokesman said a home-made bomb had been thrown at the cafe in the eastern town of Vitina. International police had arrested four people, he said.

The two seriously injured were rushed to a military hospital at Camp Bondsteel, the main base for U.S. troops in Kosovo. Their condition was stable, the spokesman said.

Since NATO bombing drove out Serb forces in June, Kosovo has seen a wave of revenge attacks by members of the ethnic Albanian majority angry at years of Serb repression.

The U.S.-led military sector, which includes Vitina, has been a particular flashpoint as a sizeable Serb population remains in the area, unlike many other parts of the territory which are inhabited only by Albanians.

The KFOR spokesman said the identities of the victims of the attack, and of those arrested, had not been released so far.

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