CEOL - Annan denounces violence against minorities in Kosovo

UNITED NATIONS, Dec 29, 1999 -- (AFP) U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan called on Kosovars to end continued violence against minorities in a report published Tuesday.

Six months after the entry of NATO troops and the start of U.N. administration of the Serb province, Annan said the ongoing attacks were "the overriding human rights issue in Kosovo."

"The level and nature of the violence in Kosovo, especially against vulnerable minorities, remains unacceptable," Annan said.

Annan also called for the rapid deployment of international police in Kosovo. Only 1,000 of 4,700 international police promised to the troubled territory have actually arrived there.

Serbs and gypsies, or Rom, have been targets of near daily violence by Albanians since mid-June. Almost 250,000 non-Albanians have fled the province.

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