MTI - Blockage on Yugoslav Danube Section Theatens Flooding

Budapest, 22 November (MTI) - A senior Hungarian Transport Ministry official warned that the wreckage of bridges destroyed during NATO's war against Yugoslavia may block the ice sheet on the Danube and threatens with flooding.

Jozsef Varadi, head of a ministry department told Nepszabadsag daily on Monday that although the first wave of winter has arrived in Europe, the wreckage of bridges is still in the river and in case of a cold spell the debris could cause flooding.

He added that the biggest threat is posed by freeze and the amount of water arriving in the region. As the wreckage is located 170 km off the border, Hungarian areas will be exposed to an emergency situation only in very cold weather.

The Hungarian water authorities have asked for help from their Yugoslav partners who promised to exert every possible effort to prevent an ice blockage and flood.

In early December Hungarian, Serbian and Croatian experts will coordinate the details of a joint icebreaking action.

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