The Nando Times - Belgrade calls for ouster of Kosovo's UN governor Kouchner


BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (December 22, 1999) - Serbia's main pro-government daily newspaper lambasted Kosovo's top U.N. administrator on Wednesday, describing him as a "Serb hater" responsible for a mass exodus of Serbs from the province.

The Belgrade daily Politika charged that Bernard Kouchner has done little to prevent the departure of thousands of Serbs who have fled Kosovo since NATO troops entered in June. Many Serbs have left because of attacks by ethnic Albanians seeking revenge for a crackdown by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's forces.

NATO peacekeepers entered Kosovo in June after a 78-day bombardment of Yugoslavia intended to force Milosevic to accept a peace deal allowing the province's ethnic Albanians self-rule.

"Six months after international civilian and military forces deployed in Kosovo, the situation there is deteriorating daily," the Politika commentary said. "Which is no wonder, considering the criminal policies of Bernard Kouchner ... tasked to help ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo and prepare (the province) to enter a Greater Albania, under the patronage of United States."

Kouchner was one of the founders of the Paris-based group Doctors Without Borders, which won this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Politika called it a "dubious organization with an innocent-looking name."

U.N. spokeswoman Angela Walker said the United Nations had no comment on "these ridiculous allegations," adding that Kouchner was in fact often described by Kosovo's ethnic Albanian media as anti-Albanian.,2107,500145511-500174666-500683185-0,00.html

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