The Nando Times - Schroeder says Europe must unite against US dominance

BERLIN (December 28, 1999) - Europe must act more like a single country if it wants to challenge U.S. economic and political dominance, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said Tuesday.

Asked in a television interview whether the United States lacked consideration for its allies, Schroeder said: "Yes, that certainly is so.

"There is a risk of America looking inward because of its huge economic power and its huge political weight, and it would be regrettable if that process continues."

But European nations have to do their part by uniting behind common goals, Schroeder said, noting the 15-nation European Union's decision this year to appoint a senior diplomat as a first step toward a hoped-for joint foreign policy.

"Whining about U.S. dominance doesn't help. We have to act," Schroeder said in the interview with Phoenix public TV.

He portrayed Germany as a European power with growing self-confidence, underscoring a more assertive tone in foreign affairs that sets Schroeder apart from his predecessor, Helmut Kohl.

"The old theory of Germany as an economic giant but a political midget was over with German unification" in 1990, Schroeder said.

Germany needs to show "measured self-confidence" while remaining conscious of its Nazi past, said Schroeder, the first German chancellor with no personal memory of World War II.,2107,500147608-500178342-500713425-0,00.html

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