The Observer - The Chinese embassy bombing - Truth behind the CIA claims

Sunday November 28, 1999

Ten reasons why CIA Director George Tenet is not telling the whole truth about the Chinese embassy strike:

1 He told the US Select Committee On Intelligence that there were no flags marking the Chinese embassy. Photographs show a Red Flag in the front of the embassy compound.

2 He said there was nothing else marking the Chinese embassy. Photographs also show a Red China shield at the front ...

3 ... and a sign saying Ambasada Narodne Republike Kine which is Serb for Embassy of the People's Republic of China.

4 ... and huge hoardings at the side in Chinese script advertising the delights of the People's Republic.

5 Tenet said the CIA used out-of-date maps. A source at the US National Imagery and Mapping Agency described the `wrong map' story as `a damned lie'.

6 The Chinese embassy's correct co-ordinates were in Nato's air target computer at the Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) at Vincenza in northern Italy.

7 And the embassy was placed correctly on a map used by Nato intelligence officers in Macedonia.

8 Tenet said the strike was a tragic mistake. A US colonel at Vinenza said: `Bullshit. We put two JDAMS into the exact room we wanted to.'

9 Tenet said the CIA meant to hit another building. If it was the wrong building, why had Nato intelligence officers picked up Yugoslav signals coming from the embassy?

10 And if was the wrong building, why did the Americans use the most precise weapons in their arsenal to hit the right end of the wrong building, leaving the ambassador's flower pots untouched?,3879,108789,00.html

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