TASS - Russia denounces NATO assembly resolution on Chechnya

AMSTERDAM, November 16 (Itar-Tass) - NATO member countries profess "double-standard moral", Itar-Tass learnt here on Monday from head of the Russian delegation at the session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (which completed its work in Amsterdam) Viktor Ozerov.

Ozerov, deputy chairman of the Federation Council (upper chamber) Security and Defence Committee and speaker of the legislative assembly of the Khabarovsk Territory, commented on a resolution of the political committee of the NATO assembly on Chechnya, including its provision that "a serious humanitarian crisis" in the region cannot be considered an internal affair of a state.

He stressed that NATO countries committed the aggression against a sovereign state in violation of norms of international law, that is against Yugoslavia and bombarded its territory.

They alleged that all those things were in line with norms of international law and were justified by a situation which had developed as a result of the policy of Yugoslav authorities with respect to Kosovo Albanians.

Ozerov claimed that the situation in Chechnya is diametrically different. Russia is not waging war, since the anti-terrorist operation, being conducted in the territory of its own state, cannot be defined as a war.

There is no military conflict with population in Chechnya. Russia is destroying gangs of terrorists in a planned manner. Therefore, nobody can say that it violates, thereby, human rights.

No matter what NATO countries allege, they failed to reach the aims of their "humanitarian operation" in Kosovo. To divert public opinion of their countries from Kosovo, they now use the situation in Chechnya.

Ozerov regards as illogical a call by NATO legislators to Russia, which is recorded in the resolution, to start talks on settling the Chechen situation on the basis of the 1996 agreement between the Russian and Chechen authorities on ending military operations.

To regard this agreement as the basis for talks with the Chechen side would mean to back the criminal regime which existed during the three years and which resulted in slave trading, hostage-taking and Shariah.

Therefore, Russia will never agree to this NATO demand.


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