UN Security Council resolution not observed in Kosovo

MOSCOW , November 22 (Itar-Tass) - Yugoslav ambassador to Russia Borislav Milosevic told a news conference in Moscow on Monday that the UN Security Council's resolution 1244 has not been observed from the bringing of the KFOR forces into Kosovo and Yugoslavia's sovereignty and territorial integrity were being grossly violated.

The ambassador believes special envoy of the UN secretary- general in Kosovo, head of the United Nations civilian mission Bernard Kouchner deliberately does not observe his mandate. Milosevic said Kouchner behaves as a representative of the NATO command, not of the United Nations, and pursues the policy of Kosovo and Metohija being separated from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Occasions of ethnic cleansing are frequent in Kosovo. Christian shrines are being plundered and destroyed, including those under UNESCO protection. Arms and narcotics are smuggled, Milosevic said.

The ambassador said that 447 Serbs were killed from the time the KFOR entered Kosovo, 648 were kidnaped or are missing. As many as 333,000 non-Albanians, among them 250,000 Serbs, had to leave the Kosovo territory. Belgrade demands that conditions for refugees return to Kosovo be created.

The Yugoslav government declares for the conclusion with the United Nations of a comprehensive agreement to regulate international presence in Kosovo and to monitor the implementation of resolution 1244.

Belgrade would welcome the arrival in that Yugoslav territory of a mission of the United Nations Security Council to study the situation, Milosevic said.


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