Serb opposition leader backs Russian anti-terrorist fight

MOSCOW, November 25 (Itar-Tass) - Serb opposition leader Vuk Draskovic backed the Russian fight against terrorists in Chechnya.

"In Chechnya the Russian army is fighting Chechen terrorists, not the people. That is the right of the Russian army", he told a press conference after 90-minute talks with ex-premier Viktor Chernomyrdin, who heads the Our Home is Russia movement and was the Russian envoy to the Balkans during NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

Draskovic, who heads the Serb Movement for Revival, said Russia had all rights to fight terrorism and protect its territory from it.

He also said that Chechen terrorists were supporting Albanian terrorists in Kosovo.

"Terrorism in Chechnya is a danger also for Serbia", Draskovic said.

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