Belgrade explains incident at Montenegro airfield

BELGRADE, December 10 (Itar-Tass) - The press service of the Yugoslav Air Force and Air Defense issued on Thursday the official version of the incident at the Golubovci military airfield in Montenegro which nearly triggered an armed clash between the military and Montenegro police.

The press release said that the Montenegro Interior ministry began to construct a hangar at the airfield near Podgorica without a permission from the Yugoslav Defense ministry.

The person responsible for the construction said he had such a permission, but refused to show it. The construction went on under the protection of armed policemen.

"Corresponding measures were taken in order to protect the military object and property of the Yugoslav defense ministry from unlawful and usurping actions of the Interior ministry of Montenegro", the press release said adding that a nearby civilian airport was closed until Thursday morning "for flight safety reasons".

The airfield command contacted Montenegro government representatives "in order to avert possible incidents with grave consequences". The construction was stopped after that, some policemen left the site and spread along the whole territory of the airfield, the press release said.

It added that a meeting of the Montenegro police chiefs and Yugoslav military agreed it was necessary "to ease tension" and decide on the hangar construction in a lawful way.

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