Russia, China concerned over Kosovo developments

BEIJING, December 10 (Itar-Tass) - Russia and China are concerned over the developments in Kosovo, specifically over the trend to separate the province from Yugoslavia.

Both countries "are concerned over the situation in Kosovo and around it, over the escalation of ethnic strife in the region", Presidents Boris Yeltsin and Jiang Zemin said in a joint statement on Friday.

Moscow and Beijing said they were specifically concerned over "an unsuccessful implementation of the UN Security Council resolution 1244 and the emerging trend to separate Kosovo from the Union Republic of Yugoslavia".

The two permament members of the UN Security Council called "for a complete and unconditional implementation of all provisions" of the resolution, "for respect of the sovereignty and territorial integrity" of Yugoslavia, "for a comprehensive respect to the UN Charter, the norms of international law, lawful rights of all nationalities in Kosovo".

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