Russia supports comprehensive European security system

BERLIN, December 17 (Itar-Tass) -- Russia insists on creation of a truly comprehensive security system in Europe, visiting Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said on Friday.

The system should have a decent place for every European country, Ivanov told the German Foreign Policy Society. That is why Russia rejects plans of a neo-centrist model, he added.

"You cannot ensure your own stability by fencing yourself off your neighbours with military and political borders," Ivanov noted. Such attempts are illusory and distracting from solution of real problems, he said.

"It does not mean that we ignore or undermine the NATO's rolein European affairs," the minister went on. "Russia spent a lot off efforts to turn our contacts with the bloc into an integral component of European security and stability," he added.

"The events which resulted in freezing our relations with the NATO were not our choice," Ivanov said. "Moscow is not responsible for them. We remain a reliable and predictable partner who is sincerely interested in close interaction with all European countries and solution of all urgent problems which are currently on the agenda. Terrorism is, without doubt, one of such problems," the minister stressed.

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