YU minister pledges more aid to state-run broadcast media

May 29 (BBC) - Federal Telecommunications Minister Ivan Markovic today visited the regional RTS [Serbian Radio-TV] center in Uzice, where he held talks on the reconstruction of the transmitter network in the Zlatibor region. Zoran Zeravcic reports.

[Zeravcic] In the talks attended by representatives of the Zlatibor district and municipal and local JUL [Yugoslav United Left] and SPS [Socialist Party of Serbia] committees, Federal Telecommunications Minister Ivan Markovic was pleased to note that over the past 15 days since his last visit to Uzice the reception of RTS programs had improved considerably, in line with the then reached agreement. Because of the construction of new transmitters, including the one that was opened today on (?Subjel) Hill near Kosjeric, the RTS signal now covers 88 per cent of the Zlatibor district's territory, compared to the earlier 30 per cent. As for the development of the regional TV center and preparations to launch local television programs, the Federal Telecommunications Ministry has pledged 3m dinars and the necessary technical support, Minister Ivan Markovic said, and added:

[Markovic] It is your responsibility to implement this plan in full. Which means the responsibility of the Uzice citizens and RTS is to accomplish this plan. Clearly, the Federal Telecommunications Ministry as a state institution particularly cares about RTS, simply because RTS is the only state-run and patriotic television station in this country, aside from the YU Info channel, which, as you know, is financed by the federal state as well, but has been experiencing great problems because of poor signal and jamming by the regime in Montenegro. However, it is somehow still managing to work, thanks to human efforts and [word indistinct]. So it is precisely our matter of concern to provide all patriotic media, which so to say disseminate the truth to our citizens, with conditions for work.

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