Explosions in Western Kosovo - no casualties

PRISTINA, May 31, 2000 -- (AFP) A series of blasts ripped through houses and shops overnight in three villages near the western Kosovo city of Pec but no one was injured, UN police sources said Tuesday.

The properties destroyed were previously owned or run by Serbs, but have since been occupied by ethnic Albanians, sources said.

The first of the three blasts happened just after midnight (2200GMT) when three shops, a house and a lorry were blown up in Istok.

Shortly afterward, a cafe suffered the same fate in Durakovac, a few kilometers south. A market stall in the neighboring village of Banjna was the target of the third blast.

An enquiry led by the multinational peacekeeping force KFOR should uncover the type of explosives used, a Pec police spokesman said.

UN regional administrator Philippe de Braconier said preliminary findings suggested the attacks were not ethnically motivated, but more likely a settling of accounts among local criminals.

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