Serb-speaking hoaxer sparks bomb alert in Kosovo capital

PRISTINA, Jun 19, 2000 -- (AFP) Soldiers with the KFOR peacekeeping force carried out two controlled explosions on cars in central Pristina Sunday after a Serb-speaking man called in bomb threats, a KFOR spokeswoman said.

The man called UN police telling them there was a bomb planted in a red Golf parked outside the central Grand Hotel, timed to explode at 11:35 (0935 GMT), said Captain Katherine Hurley.

KFOR bomb experts sealed off the area where they found two red Golfs and carried out controlled explosions to open their trunks. They did not find any explosives, she said.

KFOR also carried out a controlled explosion earlier Sunday near the Serb village of Preoce, 10 kilometres (six miles) south of Pristina, where two Serbs were killed by an anti-tank mine two weeks ago.

A suspect package in a car spotted by UN police turned out not to be a bomb, another KFOR official said.

UN police found a bomb made of metal bolts wrapped around half a kilo of plastic explosives under a car opposite UN police headquarters in Pristina on June 8, which KFOR experts destroyed.

The latest hoaxes came two days after the multinational peacekeeping force discovered a huge arms cache of 500,000 rounds of ammunition, 20,000 grenades and thousands of mines, rockets and mortar rounds in the Yugoslav province.

A British officer said paperwork seized in the two bunkers near the village of Klecka indicated that the arms belonged to the officially-disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

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