Two Serbs shot and injured in drive-by shooting

PRISTINA, Jun 21, 2000 -- (AFP) Two Kosovo Serbs were shot and injured late Tuesday in a drive-by shooting in the center of Pristina, a spokesman for the KFOR peacekeeping force said Wednesday.

The two Serbs, a man and a woman, were shot on the provincial capital's central Mother Theresa Street at around 9:30 p.m. (1930 GMT), said Flight-Lieutenant Tim Serrell-Cooke.

The woman had a KFOR press card but it was not immediately known if she was a journalist, he said.

The two were found staggering through the street by a KFOR soldier and rushed to the British hospital in the capital, said Serrell-Cooke.

He said both were in stable condition Wednesday.

One UN official who asked not to be named said the woman had been shot in the chest while the man was hit three times in the leg.

There were no reports of any arrest after the incident, said Serrell-Cooke.

The shooting was the latest in a series of anti-Serb attacks, including drive-by shootings, which have left 10 Serbs dead and more than 20 injured in recent weeks.

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