Condemnation US move to expel YU from UN

BELGRADE, Jul 4, 2000 -- (BBC) New Democracy Deputy Chairman Vojislav Andric today criticized the U.S. initiative for the expulsion of Yugoslavia from the United Nations as "another senseless and counterproductive move by the U.S. administration". "The move is another slap in the face to the democratic forces in Serbia and new wind to the sails of (Yugoslav President) Slobodan Milosevic, who has the RTS [Serbian radio-television] propaganda machinery to explain to the people the U.S. conspiracy against Serbia," Andric said in a news conference.

If the initiative of U.S. Ambassador to the UN Richard Holbrooke brings about the official exclusion of Yugoslavia from the organization "because its essential estrangement has been in force for a long time", "then the UN forces in Kosovo-Metohija are forces of occupation and this will further hamper the problematic UN mission and bring into question the minimal results it has achieved in the implementation of Resolution 1244," Andric said.

He assessed that the "sole" purpose of the proposed and then withdrawn bill against terrorism was "to instil fear in the democratically-oriented people in Serbia." The draft law is not applicable because its regulations are vague, and definitions of the acts imprecise, with almost every other article of the draft containing the term 'and others,' which, in legal practice, leaves room for impermissible voluntary and subjective interpretations," Andric said.

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