Three Kosovo Albanians sentenced for 'enemy activities'

NIS, Jul 6, 2000 -- (AFP) A court in this southern Serbian town sentenced two Kosovo Albanians to 15 years in prison and a third to a 18-month jail term for "enemy activities".

Bekim Susuri, 23, from the southern Kosovo town of Prizren and Shevcet Makshani, 37, from Orahovac, were sentenced to 15 years in prison for their participation in attacks against Yugoslav army soldiers near the Albanian border.

Xhemail Berisha was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his role in the incidents.

The three, also accused of belonging to the now dismantled, pro-independence Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), were arrested last October in Serbian territory outside Kosovo.

More than 2,000 Kosovo Albanians were thrown into Serbian prisons when Belgrade's forces withdrew from the province last June.

The trial was the latest in a series criticized by international human rights groups, in which 400 ethnic Albanians have received heavy prison sentences and about 500 have been released.

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