Attackers fire into Serb area of Mitrovica

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Jul 17, 2000 -- (Reuters) Attackers fired three rounds, possibly rifle grenades, into the Serb-dominated north of the ethnically divided Kosovo city Mitrovica on Friday night, French peacekeeping forces said.

The rounds appeared to come from the ethnic Albanian-dominated south of the city and brought an angry crowd of hundreds of Serbs onto the streets, said Lieutenant-Colonel Philippe Eriau, a spokesman for French forces.

Several bursts of automatic weapons fire, apparently from the north, were heard soon after the attack, which took place around 10:15 p.m. (20:15 GMT), Eriau said.

A further explosion close to an ethnic Albanian pocket in the north of the city was reported shortly after midnight, he added.

There were no immediate reports of any casualties from the incident, the spokesman said.

French forces have deployed soldiers along the Ibar river, which divides the city, in an attempt to discover who fired at the northern sector, Eriau told Reuters.

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