YU Left, socialists to run jointly at all levels; Milosevic heads lists

BELGRADE, Aug 15, 2000 -- (BBC/Tanjug) >The Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) and the Yugoslav Left (JUL) will run with joint electoral lists at all levels, with President Slobodan Milosevic heading all of the lists. This was decided today at a meeting of the Electoral Headquarters of the SPS main committee chaired by Gorica Gajevic, SPS secretary general and president of the Electoral Headquarters.

The statement by the SPS main committee's electoral headquarters states that "the program and policy of the SPS is the interest of Serbia and its citizens, specifically, the defence of the country's freedom and independence, a swift, stable and safe development, progress, peace and a better life for all citizens, and adds that the SPS is running in the elections convinced that it will win the trust of the citizens which will allow it to continue the policy of the country's defence and development.

The mass support for Slobodan Milosevic's nomination for FRY president is a confirmation of the people's decision to elect Slobodan Milosevic FRY president because he is the guarantor of the defence of national and state interests.

This is the most decisive and convincing support for the SPS's program and policy and resolve to preserve and strengthen the FRY as a federal state of the equal republics Serbia and Montenegro for the good of the people and all citizens who live in it.

Those who wish to amnesty the NATO criminals, to release the aggressors of their obligation to pay war reparations for the destruction of our country, and those who, as part of local self-rule bodies, have turned the cities into villages, destroyed the public infrastructure, lowered the quality of life and stopped development, will be defeated in these elections.

The Electoral Headquarters has concluded that all preparations regarding the elections and the main committee's activities, that is, the activities of the Electoral Headquarters, are progressing in line with the dynamics defined by the main committee and that the SPS is prepared for the coming elections," reads the statement by the SPS main committee's Electoral Headquarters.

Source: Tanjug news agency, Belgrade, in Serbo-Croat 1316 GMT 14 Aug 00.

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