Bosnian Serbs reject accusations of plotting against Milosevic

BANJA LUKA, Bosnia, Sep 15, 2000 -- (AFP) Bosnian Serbs on Thursday denied Belgrade claims that they were involved in a U.S.-backed plot to overthrow President Slobodan Milosevic during forthcoming elections.

"We firmly reject all insinuations that intervention forces are being trained on the territory of Republika Srpska (the Bosnian Serb entity, RS) with the support of the RS interior ministry," Zoran Glusac, interior ministry spokesman, told AFP over the phone.

Yugoslav Information Minister Goran Matic told reporters Wednesday that "pro-American" plotters are planning to overthrow Milosevic during the September 24 presidential and legislative elections.

He said the plan involved smuggling 1,500 "pro-American" men into Yugoslavia, members of "the intervention forces of the Serb republic of Bosnia."

The RS government is considered pro-American by Belgrade.

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