Book names MI6 officers in alleged plot to kill Milosevic

Richard Norton-Taylor

Saturday March 18, 2000

Secret intelligence service officers have been named in a new book on MI6 in relation to an alleged plot to assassinate the Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic.

Six officers - previously named on the internet but never in print - are identified in MI6, Fifty Years of Special Operations, to be published by Fourth Estate later this month.

The author, Stephen Dorril, says MI6 drew up plans to kill Mr Milosevic in 1992 after evidence emerged he was supplying arms to the Bosnian Serb leader, Radovan Karadzic.

Plans included training a Serbian opposition group to carry out the assassination, training an SAS cell to do it, or killing the president in a staged road crash during one of his visits to an international conference in Geneva on the future of Yugoslavia, the book alleges.

The book also identifies an MI6 officer who wrote articles for the Spectator magazine criticising journalists covering the Bosnian civil war as well as the UN's role there.

Mr Dorril describes the activities of an MI6 section called I/Ops, for Information Operations, whose job is to plant favourable stories in newspapers.

Mr Dorril said: "Though it's not a 'naming names' book it gives the opportunity for the British public to see material about MI6 available throughout the rest of the world."

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